How to Get Retweets on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social networks aside Facebook. Unlike Facebook, Twitter has various programs like hash tags and re-tweets which make site which can be used to gain more twitter followers, site promotion, product promotion and more.

Aside from using twitter as a social network or for relaxation, you can also use twitter for business and to make more money through link popularity using Re-tweets. Re tweeting is good especially when the twitter user had more followers, when they retweet your tweets, its get across to the re-tweeter followers which gives more exposure to the tweets.

You can get more retweets using these simple tips and method which includes ;

1. Interesting Contents: The best way to get more re tweets for your tweets is to post interesting tweets regularly. Posting interesting tweets regularly guarantee re tweets and the more you post, the more your tweets get re-tweets

2. Photos and Videos: I see that tweets with pics and videos often get more re-tweets than ordinary tweets with links or nothing. If you need your tweets get more re tweets, then add pics or videos to the tweets. Its works for most of my tweets
3. Ask for it: Asking for Re tweets through your tweets often attracts retweets. Whenever i post interesting contents and ask for retweets, the tweets get re-tweets and even more than i expect. Give this a try and see it done.

4. Re-tweet Others: Another way to get more retweets for your post is to learn to retweet other people tweets especially when the tweets are interesting. I try re tweeting other people's tweets and my own tweets also get re-tweeted as well.

5. Follow Other : Learn to follow and follow back twitter followers who follows you, this helps get some of your tweets get retweets especially the recent and old tweets

6. Use Hash tags : Using hashtags increases twitter followers and your tweets also get increasing retweets as well.



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