How to Get a Free Facebook Ads Coupon Code Through Survey Site

Am given out this information on how and ways to get a Facebook paid advert coupon code using a paid survey panel, i tried this and it works which means it can also work for you too.

A Coupon code is an affiliate code which give a good, fixed and reduced discount from a buyer to a seller at discount price. Hence, the Facebook ads coupon code also gives a discount on the total amount of Facebook ads. It means you can make advert on Facebook using this coupon code and you see your adverts live on Facebook

Facebook Coupon
Your Facebook ads coupon can help you run your ads at discount to thousands of fb users which in return brings traffic to your business site, business, products, services and many more.

Where to Get the Facebook Ads Coupon?

You can get this Coupon freely by registering with one of the best paid survey site online which is 'Toluna'. Toluna is a paid survey site which pay it users by answering questions and filling online surveys.Now, you can get a coupon code for your Facebook ads by selecting the reward payment and setting your redeeming cash for Facebook ads Coupon. You can redeem your survey earnings in form of cash, gift or sweepstakes when you reach threshold and at 30000points, you can convert this to $20 Facebook Ads coupon.

I have done this before and i bet you, its still works. If you are in a location or country outside US, UK or Canada then you need to change your ip address, location by using a vpn to register with Toluna and get your rewards inform of Facebook Ads Coupon to boost your on Facebook. Thanks for reading.

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