Best 3 Domain Name Registration And Web Hosting Sites for 2015

So far, the year 2014 has been good based on our recommendation to our readers on the best domain name registration site and good web hosting for site owners or blog owners who wants to get a domain name for their site as well get a hosting for their site on the new year.

domain name and web hosting

Our recommendation for a site or blog owner who wants to get the best domain name registration and hosting for their site still remains the same and we will be given out the best domain name and hosting service for the new year based on few factors discussed below.
1. Good customer care services
2. Easy method of payment which involves PayPal, bank payment or debit/credit card payment
3. Expand Bandwidth
4. Quick Responds to changes
5. Cheap services

Listed above are few out of many conditions used the select the best 3 domain name registrar and webhosting services recommended for the new year are as follows;

1. Namecheap

2. Hostagator

3. Godaddy 

These are recommended domain name registration and web hosting services as well as the site involved. We recommend the hosting services above for your site or blog in the year 2015. They are good, reliable and will never let your site down when needed. Thanks for reading.
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