5 Important Features of a Good Domain Name

Having a site or blog with a good domain name is one of the important thing to consider before starting an online business. Although not all internet business requires a website or blog but its a good way to promote your services or brand and those involved in affiliate marketing really need this.
Domain name
Before starting and selecting a name for a blog or website, one needs to consider some features which are important for a good domain name. Below is a list of 5 important features or things a good domain name should have, it includes;

1. Relevance of Domain to Brand/Service: The first thing that makes a good site or blog depends on how related is the domain name is to the services or purpose of business. If you are to choose a good domain, one of the features you need is to ensure the domain name is related to the service rendered or business name.

2. Length of Domain Name: some years back, a long domain name or web url do not usually matter but now you need to keep the domain name as short as people. This makes people remember the blog name easily which brings returning traffic.

3. No Hyphen: Hyphen or dash(-) should be avoided when buying a domain name, these symbols are really not in use anymore when it comes to naming a site and buying its domain name. This features are really not important this days but avoiding it is good.

4. Numbers: Using numbers for a site name is no more relevant but avoiding this is a good feature for the site. Many big site on the internet may have numbers with god authority but for a new blog or site, just avoid this.

5. Choice of Extension: Using a .com is really common and is highly recommended but if the site is for educational purpose, then a .edu is recommended and a .org extension is good for an official site. The domain extension is a such an important features if you are to get a domain name for your site.

These are important features you need for your blog or site as well as some old fashioned features that are no more in use this days. Consider these features before buying a domain name for your site. Thanks for reading.

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