30 Recommended Part Time Jobs for the New Year

Just few days and hours to the new year 2015, we will like to post a recommended list of part time jobs that has worked very well in 2014 and hence, the best recommended part time jobs for the year 2015.

Part Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs are described as an alternative to real full time work. Based on one reason of the other e.g lack of college degree, location, hours of work etc. Many people prefers to engaged themselves with part time jobs just to earn some cash or make some extra money.
There are work from home part time jobs which are internet based while there are other part time jobs aside online but are called offline. Listed below is a collection of online part time jobs and offline part time jobs that are best for the new year. It includes;
  1.   Photography
  2.  Event Planner
  3.  Cake Baking
  4.  Biscuit Making
  5.  Blogging
  6.  Paid Surveys
  7.  Baby Sitting
  8.   Car Cleaning
  9.  Sweet Making
  10.  Hair Dressing/Barbing Salon
  11.  Catering
  12.   Computer Engineer/Troubleshooter
  13.   Phone Repairer
  14.   Online Craft Seller
  15.   Data Entry Jobs
  16.   Affiliate Marketing
  17.   Fruits Selling
  18.   Laundering
  19.   Cloth Ironing
  20.   Beads Making
  21.   Jewelries Making
  22.   Sport Betting
  23.   Goods Trading Online
  24.   Teaching
  25.   Online Teaching/Tutoring
  26.   Article Writing
  27.   Logo Designer
  28.  Selling pics Online
  29.   Selling Videos Online
  30.   Freelancer


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