What To Do Online When You Have Nothing To Do

Many people seems to be confused when it comes to work online. Some claim they don't want to fall for scam or start working online for nothing, so tend to just enjoy their internet plan on their mobile phones or pc.

Not Working Online

When you have nothing to do online and you have an internet connected phone, tablet or computer or you are just jobless for now and you don't really know anything you can do to do online, below are things you can do when you have nothing to do online;

1. Build a Free Website: Since you do not know what to do online, then head over to blogger or WordPress to build a free website which in one way or the other will be useful for yourself or business.

2. Increase Your Facebook or Twitter Followers : Whenever you observe you do not really have anything to do online, then never refuse social media friends, accept friends on twitter or Facebook. Having many Facebook friends will in one way or the other help you in your business, jobs or career because they can turn to be your buyer, site visitor or customer.

3. Read Books: Irrespective of your status, you need to use your spare time to read books on various topic. You can do so online buy reading interesting books online to widen your scope on various topic. You can also spend a little to buy few books, eBook or materials that are educative.

4. Read popular sites: Many times when i have less things to do online, i read people's blog, forums or check twitter or Google trends to see latest trends, what the people want and most search topics on the internet.

5. Learn more about your skills: If you don;t have anything to do at a particular time, you need to learn more or read more materials on your skills. This is will help you more and get your talent sharpened for the challenges ahead.

6. Learn a Trade: One thing i do regularly is to continuously learn to trade, learn skills of buying and selling because i believe at a point in life, i will buy and sell for profit.

7. The Internet Method: You can use your spare time to learn how the internet works, how to use the internet for something meaning, for investments and not what or chat with friends alone. Do research, get fact for the company you are working for or for your business. For example, i have a friend who bake cakes and the only business idea i gave such is to browse pics of Cake images on Google Image search which i believe thousands of images of cakes will show up where she could see some new designs from other countries

8. Start Working Online: There are so many works you can do online and if you have nothing to do, there are so many online jobs such as Article writing, Blogging, Adsense, Sport Bets, affiliate marketing and many more. All internet business ideas are posted regularly on this site, just check or use the search box above to search for online business and types

Out of the many things one can do when free, these are few but many will be posted on this site regularly, just keep your fingers cross. Better still, you may subscribe below where you can get instant updates from out site when published.

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  1. Hi Daayur,

    You mention here some great works that we can do when we have no job. I think creating a website is best that is helpful to make some money online.

  2. yes i agree because recently, a friend sold his website for over $4000 which i believe is a huge sum of money

  3. I will probably be back again to browse much more, many thanks for the data.


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