Paid Surveys: 5 Reasons People Are Not Making Money from Paid Surveys

Paid surveys is one of the oldest and best way to make money on the internet and many people who started earlier have already make some cash taking paid surveys online. Although many internet workers believe its an old fashioned way to work and earn money online but not really a waste of time.

There are some legitimate Online Survey that still pays their workers directly into their paypal account or any other online payment gateway they are using. There are many reasons why i could not make money from surveys when i started then but now, i thinks its a good way to earn only if you have good information. For instance, Pinecone Research, Opinion Outpost and Globaltestmarket are reliable.
Reasons why people do not or aren't making enough money from paid surveys includes;

1. Tricks on Profile: One of the reasons people fail to make money from Paid Surveys is due to lack of properly filled profile information and understanding how it works i.e how profile info attract surveys. Many expert in paid surveys believes age, sex, income range, location etc all influence earnings from survey.

2. Where to Start ; Some people are actually not making money taking online surveys due to their inability to find the legitimate ones, survey sites that pays and the best sites.

3. Impatient: Taking paid surveys is not a get rich quick scheme which many people fails to realize. Earning money from paid surveys takes time, patient and work. If you've really do not have patients when working online with surveys, then its not for you. Its a business you start making $1000 in few days.

4. Limited Survey Panel: You may not really earn much cash if you only join one or two survey panel, you need to join as many as possible where you can manage your account with a software called roboform. If you join nothing less than 20 high paying survey site, then you will earn money through accumulation of each cash.

5. Location: You may not make money from survey site or taking paid surveys online if you do not register your location as US,UK,CANADA and FRANCE. These are location where most of the reliable survey panel are located. What you do to this is to use a vpn or any IP changing device to change your location. If you don't, you might not be accepted for their registration or you may have limited surveys sent to your inbox.

6. Scam: There are so many scam survey panel if you fall for scam, you are working for nothing and may not get paid at the end of the day. You really need to avoid the scam panel and go for the legitimate ones to earn money from surveys.

7. Laziness: Laziness may not apply to online paid survey takers because it requires time for your money to be accumulated. If you are lazy, you won't even earn a dime because so the surveys will be filled by another person instantly.

These are reasons why i am not making money online from paid surveys or why you are also not making money from surveys but if you can work on this, you earn. Thanks for reading.


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