How to Earn Money From Google Without a Website

Google inc is one of the most ranked company in the world and also the biggest search engine on the internet. Google has many product which includes gmail, youTube, Android, Adwords, Adsense, Drive, Maps, Business, Blogger and many more.

There are many opportunities you can get with Google and get paid directly into your bank account but the one we will giving information on is based on making money from Google Without a website. There are so many opportunities you can get from Google with or without a website.
Now, to start earning money from Google without a website, you need to work and get some ideas which requires no special skills. If you decide to start working online with Google and you really don't like the stress of having a website, then there is a way out. You can do this by;

1. Google Adsense: Although, many people believe Adsense is mainly for publishers to make money from their website but i can categorically tell you that it not only meant for site owners only but for other things. You can earn some cash from Google through your adsense by monetizing your videos on YouTube. You only need to create a video, ensure it original then tick the monetization tab to display Google ads on it while people view the videos. This has been working for me even till now.

2. Podcast: Podcast is an audio recording of an event, teaching, entertainment, jokes, how to, music etc. You can record something through your camera phone, upload it to youTube, Monetize it and start earning money through the podcast. 

3. Google Developer: If you are a tech guru or a programmer, you can join the group of Google apps developer either on mobile or for pc.You develop a very useful apps, upload to Google play on the paid ads and enjoy some commission per download on the apps
4. Promote People's Brand: I never knew i could make some cash helping a woman promote a product through a short video i did for her. I uploaded the video on YouTube, boost it with some cent and she begin to get some sales through the exposure of the product on youTube. Not only YouTube but other paid ads like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo ads can also help you boost the video without you having a blog or website.

 These are sure ways to Earn Money Online from Google without a blog or website. It works for me and am sure this information can also work for you too, work online and earn some cash from Google inc. Thanks for reading

NB: You can also get your Adsense even more quicker through YouTube, just apply through the monetization tab and that is it.


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