How Do I Protect My Gmail Account From Hackers

A reader sent a question "How do i protect my Gmail account from Hackers?" We will be providing helpful answers on this question as you read on. The reader also added that he get many login attempt and other unusual activities on his gmail account. Such unusual activities may be due to fraudsters, hackers, or email fetchers trying to gain access to his email.

There are ways you can protect your gmail or any other email services you have and get it secured. This days, Gmail is too useful to be hacked because it the login email for many other Google products like Adsense, Adwords, YouTube, Blogger, Trends, Drive etc.
In as much your Gmail is used for all other Google product and can be used to make money online especially through Adsense, then you need to protect or secure it from any form of hack.

How to a Secure Gmail Account

1. Use Strong Password
: You can protect your Gmail account using a strong password with characters like _,Caps letter,- and figure with letters. You can also make your password strong be making sure your password is not less than 6 characters because anything less is considered weak.

2. Change Password Often: One of the best way to protect a Gmail account is to ensure you change password often. Changing password often help protect an email account from possible prediction of password and unnecessary login attempts. Just try and change the password if you notice any unusual activity on your Gmail.

3. Use 2-Step Verification : This is probably the best way to protect your Gmail or any other Google account from login attempt and hack. Using 2-Step verification ensure extra security measures to your gmail such as verifying through phone number or alternate email for verification. 

4. Avoid Login in to Your gmail in Public Places: This is another safe way to protect yourself from Hackers, you only need to avoid checking inbox messages or login in to your gmail account from public cafe, business center, people's phone or tablets etc. It prevent your account from being hacked.

5. Don't Reply Phishing Mails: You can protect your gmail from unauthorized access simply by not replying phishing or scam mails. You can identify such email when the sender ask you to provide some login details or a click here to login instruction, its too risky to do that.

6. Don't leave gmail info on Untrusted site: There are so many site owners who claims to send free stuffs, free information, freebies only if you drop your email. Most of them will require you to register, lo-gin and provide password which can be used to gain access to your email. You can become of victim of hack if you do so.

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7. Website Contact Page: If you are a site owner, avoid using your original gmail account information on your "contact us" page because that is one of the most views page of a blog or a website. If you can try displaying only a limited information about your Gmail but more about your services, that will be a good idea and your gmail remains secured.

These are some of the things i put into consideration on ways and how i am protecting my Gmail account from hackers. I believe if you put all these into practice, you are not only under exposing your gmail account information to the public but also securing the account. Thanks


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