Blogging: 8 Reasons Why I Am Not Making Money From My Blog

I felt i should just enlightened my readers on the research i made recently on "why i couldn't make money from my Blog" immediately i worked on the shortcomings, i soon realizes a change and i begin to earn more from the blog..

Blogging is the most common Online business on the internet especially if you are new into the internet business. Blogging can be profitable which i do not realize early enough but i kept on writing. I was not making money from Blogging due to some things i do some factors.

You may not make money from blogging or from your blog if you do not follow some blogging procedure which means to make money with your blog may become a problem for you. Below are things i think i need to know or i should i have known before blogging which i really do not know but hunt me from earning money seriously. Am exposing this secret for you to learn from me and work to earn more from blogging through your blog. The reasons why i was not making money includes;

1.  Bad Contents: I really do not understand what blogging is all about but i was writing rubbish, writing off point, not related to my niche and copying other people content i.e copy and paste. All these were not good for my blog i was making zero dollars writing until i decided to change, read more from experience bloggers.

2. Bad Design: I never seek help with the design of the blog and it really affect my site navigation. it has zero user experience with lot of links, low page speed, zero mobile and desktop search engine optimization, and to crown it all the template is not responsive. All these can be solved by getting a good template which is responsive.

3. Wrong Placement of Adsense: I applied for Adsense thinking the money will come but i was not making a dime since the adsense where not properly placed. This can affect you as a site owner if your site has zero Adsense placement. People may not view ads served to your site and you may not earn any money or you experiment which position works best for the site.

4. Low Traffic: The beauty of a site is its traffic. You may not make a dime if you continue posting and do not work on your site traffic. I was writing and writing without getting traffic thinking its all about writing. To make money from blogging,you need to drive traffic to the site which may be through search engine, social network like Facebook or Twitter, social bookmarking site like Reddit etc.

5. Not Commenting on Other People Blog; You need to make meaningful comment on other people blog especially in your niche. It works and you get two things in return which are traffic and backlinks. 

6. Not Spending Money: For months i was writing not getting the fact that i need to spend money on the site for traffic,design, domain, etc.To make some cash from blogging, you need to spend money on your blog even if its just Facebook adverts. It pays and see how hundreds of visits come to your site.If you can't spend, then you may not earn money from the blog too.

7.  Pagerank/Alexa Ranking: I was not making any money from the blog but as soon as i begin to work on my blog to get a good Pagerank and Alexa, i saw changes and sponsored post where coming. In a week, i was making close to $100 from sponsored post alone. Get your site a good pagerank, Alexa or Authority, then you earn more.

8. Other Traffic tips: You need to research various other ways to get traffic to your blog if you really want to make money from the blog. Many people may not tell you the secret of their traffic generation but with Google, you can search and get any traffic information you need.

These are the reasons i was not making money from my blog and as soon as i realize some facts about the site, i quickly adjust and now its a different story. I can now join the line of bloggers who earn from their blog weekly through sponsored post, Adsense and banner placement. So,this are my experience and solution to reasons some people were not making money from their blog and i too. Work on your blog, get traffic,Write good original content and see your traffic increase and the money comes. Thanks for reading.


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