Best 10 Stores For Black Friday Sales - Discount Rate Included(%)

In few days, the whole world will be experiencing one of the biggest shopping day called the Black Friday. This is a day where companies, stores, online store, retailers, manufacturers sells at cheaper rate and a unimaginable discount on sales.

Black Friday Sales

Many stores either online or offline in the world are have release their discount rate for deals but many buyers are still waiting for the likes of Walmart and Amazon.

Below is a list of Best 10 Stores fro Black Friday Sales and their Discount. This was coined from Forbes chart

JCPenney        - 65.44

Macy’s             - 53.52%

Rite Aid            - 53.34%

Meijer              - 50.85%

Sears                - 50.19%

Walgreens        - 46.74%

Ace Hardware - 41.01%

Kohl’s               - 39.89%

Staples              - 38.56%

I believe this list will help you organize your preferred store to buy or place an order on Black Friday deals. Thanks for reading 


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