Article Writing: How to Get Article Ideas

Article writing is one of the oldest and best ways to make money online or offline for newspapers, magazine, bulletin etc. But making money on the internet writing articles is one of the most preferred ways to earn money just writing and there are site that pay you to write for them.

Many people do not know where many article writers get ideas from and you may wonder if there is no new thing happening in the world again. Getting articles idea is not difficult but more closer to you as you think. Although, it depends on the niche you want to write about but you can get articles using the following tips;

Top Sources of Article Ideas

1. Twitter Trends : The trends on your twitter page gives you what is trending, what the people are reading and what they would like to see. If you are a writer, one of the best way to get ideas for your writings.

2. Google Trends: To get article ideas as a writer, then you need to occasionally check Google trends. Since Google is the biggest search engines in the world which provides information on most search topic daily, then you to check this trends to see the popular news or articles.
3. Yahoo trends: Just on the top corner of Yahoo page, you will notice the trends and that exactly is the page with the most visits. That can be a source of article for writers.

4. Personal Experience: Your experience on life issues, jobs and area of expert can be a source of getting articles. People will appreciate your personal experience even more than fabricated stories. its a means of getting articles too

5. Emails: The kind of emails you get, questions on issues or help from your readers can be a source of getting article writing ideas. Your readers might even give you topics and ideas to write on.

6. Forums: There are many topics of popular forums which you can write about. You may not copy and paste but add your owns answers and develop them into an article. Its a cool way to get many article ideas.

7. Article submissions: There are lot of articles on article submission site that you cannot even write all at once. You only visit article submission site like ezinearticles, goarticles etc and see lot of article there and you write on those topics but not copy and paste them.

8. Popular post on blogs: If you check the popular post widget usually by the side of most blogs, you could easily get ideas on what the readers are reading on the site and use it to write yours. Its a great way to get ideas for your articles too irrespective of the niche you find yourslef.

9. Television: You could get ideas on what to write about through programs you watch on tv like news, sport, music, health, and many more.

These are source or ways you can easily get ideas to write for people, self, blogs, magazine etc. Just check the following, read through again and take note. These are what works for me and i believe it could work for you too. Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Daayur,
    Its good to be reminded of these common sources of article ideas. Following trends on news sites and blogging communities are other sources that should not be ignored.

    More so, feedback from comments, research from keywords can also be used to find content writing ideas!

    I have shared this comment in where this post article was found.

  2. thanks for commenting on this topic and i want to believe everyone is learning from each other

  3. Great post. All readers will definitely like this post. Looking forward for your next post.

  4. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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