9 Businesses which Requires Zero or No Capital to Start

This is a list of common Businesses you can do with little, zero or no capital in any where in the world including Nigeria. These business requires little or zero capital and i recommend for anyone who want to start a business and have no capital to start.

Business with Zero Capital

1. Information Marketing: This is a kind business carried out online and you get paid with time. It involves selling information to people and getting paid for such useful information. It can be packaged inform of an eBook or free blog to disseminate such information. Many topics can be written and sold online for people and i believe health, insurance, drugs, business is a strong point to teach people on how to get their problems solved

2. Google Adsense : Making from Google Adsense require no capital but an internet connection to blog, write and pass information that can be monetize with Adsense. There is a step by step process on how to make money from Adsense on this site, use the search box above to get your answer. It a good business with zero capital to start.

3. Teaching:
This business requires zero or no capital to start. You only need to place fliers or small poster of the subject you can take and interested people may call you for home lesson or school. I see teaching as a fast job to get this days but having an extra lesson guarantee additional income.

4. Home Services: You ca render home service for any skills you have. I have a friend who earn good cash from home service such as hose cleaning, laundry, barbing etc. Its a good business to start with zero capital.

5. YouTube: This is the reigning way to make money from videos. You can start by creating promotional videos of product and services for people and get paid doing it. You can also make money from YouTube through original videos and monetizing it with Adsense where you get paid some cents per click

6. Newspapers: You can start a newspapers distribution or vendor freely. You only need to get a space, go with a guarantor and you get the papers for promotional purposes.You sell the papers on your stand and get paid commission per sale.

7. Network Marketing: Starting a network marketing business requires no capital but attending their seminar, get training about their products and start selling. You can sell drugs, weight loss, cosmetics etc. A good example is GNLD, GreenWorld, Tianshi etc

8. Blogging: This can open more way to make money through Adsense or affiliate marketing. Blogging required=s no capital to start, you only need to register with free blogging sites like tumblr,blogger or WordPress etc You post contents to the site, get traffic and sell adverts inform of space, post, banner etc. It may take time but it works

9. Baby Sitting: This can be done right there in your own house or you go to parent house. You could get job as a baby sitter by word of mouth, poster, posting on forums, social networks or calling the number of poster of people who want baby sitters. You wont spend any money doing this.

These are business which requires zero or no capital to start and you could do them gradually till you have enough cash to make it bigger and invest heavily to earn bigger and better income.

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