7 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Profit From Your Business

Make Money in BusinessI receive many questions from people who are involved in one business or the other. Many who wants to know their small business or large scale business is not yielding any positive result and no profit made.

Some people only start a business believing they will start making money instantly not realizing that it takes knowledge, time and level of investment to earn from the business

Below are some of the reasons why you may not make money from your business and possible solutions to the few identified problems.

1. Wrong Business
: You may not make a dime if you are in the wrong business. Wrong business means you do not understand the business you are doing, you can't manage it, you can't cope and everything about the business looks strange. Things may not work well for you if you are in the wrong business. The solution to this is to check if you are actually involved in the wrong business and make fast adjustment in every of your action and business operations.

2. Lack Understanding: If you lack the understanding of the business, you may not earn money from it. You really need to seek knowledge to learn, study, read or employ expert to enlightened you on how to understand the business and its operation to earn.

3. Bad Attitude to Customers
: Your customers are what converts to income and if you do not treat them well, you end up losing customers which are supposed to convert to sales and profit. It means, you ,must be nice to customers 

4. Lavish Spending: When you begin to spend more than you earn in your small business, then such business is gradually approaching ruin. You only need to cut spending, invest back the profit into the business and when the business is grown to the desired level, then you can do that.

5. Not Spending: You may not make money from your new business if you are scared to spend more on the business. It means you really do not know if you should spend more money by way of investing the money through adverts, publicity, announcement, marketing and co. It works

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6. Incompetency: You may not make money when you have incompetent workers working for you or if its you and you seems not to understand again, then seek professional help from people, organize yourself and start all over. Its cool

7. Solve People Problem: The best business ideas, business or startups in the world is one that solves people's problem. No matter how the porblem is, if your business should do so, then its profitable because you can always make your money sooner than you think.

Do all these business ideas above, practice and make changes, and see how your business will improve and you start making money from it. Thanks for reading.


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