6 Things I Do When Am Short of Cash

I once realize that i was actually getting broke, running short of cash, lack money to start any business but i quickly put myself together by investing my time into some online or offline kind of business which in return has been helping me earn some extra money aside my low paying job.

Are You Short of Cash? If truly you are short of cash and you really need to do something about this, then you need to find ways to make extra money from few business or you need to invest your time in other business that brings money. You may not change your job but add or learn something extra. Some which includes;

1. Start an Online Business : This is involves doing some Online business to earn some extra cash such as affiliate marketing, selling something, Google Adsense, Paid surveys, Selling advert space on blogs, article writing. micro jobs etc.


2. Soccer Bets; This is one of the risky way to make money online by predicting scores of matches played around the world in different leagues or cup of the world. Its one of the fastest way to make money for lovers of football. You need to get information on how it works, get some reliable sport betting site, join soccer prediction site and start working online for cash. It can be done on your phone or internet connected computer and many of these site pays directly into your bank account.

3. YouTube Videos: When am short of cash, i create YouTube videos either talking about something, editing existing videos or just filming some event through my phone and monetizing the video with my Google Adsense. It generate few site over a period of time and i cash out directly to my bank account.

4. Network Marketing: Many people do not like network marketing which involves selling a company product usually health, beauty and also building chains of customers and followers towards yourself. Many people have earn some money through this method and it still works. Try Network marketing, drive sales, make adverts and build your chain.

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5. Teaching: Teaching is one of the fastest way to earn some cash. You can actually get teaching jobs very fast just working around your area or surfing online, you can also teach people online and get paid for it through YouTube or you can also make money through some private teachings. It works

6. Your Skills
: You can use your skills to earn some money if you know how to do this. You only need to improve more on your skills, head over to micro jobs site like fiverr, create a gig for $5 and get it delivered on time. Your skill can get ordered for if it relevant, it can be in any field such as writing, creating videos, solo ads, blogging, search engine optimization, logo creation, and many more

More and more ideas to make money when you are short of cash will be posted frequently on this site. Just watch out for our subsequent post on this. Better still, You can make use of the ideas posted above to earn some extra money online or offline. Thanks for reading.


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