5 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Online Payment Gateway

I see various complains on various blog, forums or website on how people are faced with problems of receiving and sending payments online through payment gateway services and i decided to give out some tips in choosing the best.

There are many online payment gateway services but only a few are reliable with good trust about their payment services. But you really need to consider the following before choosing a payment gateway services to receive and send money online;

1. Reputation : One of the thing to choose from an online payment services is the reputation of such site which has been build over a long time ago. You also need to check the payment gateway credibility and user experience. For instance, PayPal is the best Payment gateway which is used all over the world. The quality of service and fast way to resolve and send customer funds is highly respected.

2. Security: When picking an online payment gateway or service, the level of security of your password should be considered and how secure your account is to hackers or users. Ensure the payment gateway services you choose do not provide your account details or email to third party and the account recovery is a bit technical to some extent. Like using Caplock, numbers, symbols and auto logged out after inactivity for few minutes. e,g Perfectmoney does that.

 3. Transaction fees: You need to compare fees and service cost of the payment services before using them. It reasonable to look for the cost or fee charged per money received, sent, account set-up and other fees you may pay for any online transaction involving cash.

4. Other Currencies: Before choosing a payment gateway from the numerous payment sites online, you need to check if the site you selected accept other currencies from other countries in the world e.g dollars, pounds, yen etc If the site could accept a wide range of currencies, then i would consider such as a good online payment gateway which can be used for various online transactions.

5. Customer Care: Paypal and perfectMoney has one of the best customer care support where you get you complains fixed within few hours or even immediate. This makes such site a reliable online payment solutions unlike some which may not respond to customer after few days of email or calls.

These are few things you need to consider before deciding to use a any online payment services or gateway to receive or send money, buy, sell and other online transaction. If any one could meet up with the conditions above, then consider such as a reliable payment gateway. Thanks for reading


  1. Hi Dayo,
    This post has indeed opened my eyes, i have been considering gateways recently. thanks for bringing this up

  2. Thanks for commenting on this topic, this is part of a plan to give the best information, make money and not to lose it to some online payment site.

  3. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities and also with the format in your blog. Anyway stay up to the excellent high quality writing, it's rare to find a nice weblog like this one these days.


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