Top 10 Online Jobs Sites For Nigerian to Earn Money

There are Online Jobs sites for Nigerians to earn money through the internet. Working Online only involves working from the comfort of your homes and getting paid for your effort, if you are in Nigeria or Other part of Africa.

The good part of this is that there are sites for people who lives in Nigeria to make money and get paid legitimately online. If you live in Nigeria or You are an Nigerian, then the following Online Jobs sites are for you to start and make money online from through them.

1. Youtube - Videos

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2. Google Adsense - Blogging

3.Fiverr - Micro jobs

4. Clickbanks - Affiliate Marketing

5.MediaNet - Blogging

6. Commission Junction - Affiliate Marketing

7. 1960bets - Soccer bets

8. Planetofbets - Soccer Bets

9. Bet360 - Soccer Bets

10. Bidvertiser -  Blogging

11. Globaltestmarkets - Surveys

12. Opinion Outpost - Surveys

13. Infolinks -  Blogging

14. Toluna - Surveys

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15. Odesk - Online Article writing

16. Facebook ads - Online Selling

17. Google Adwords - Online Promotion

18. Hubpages - Online Article writing

19. Zeerk - Micro jobs

20. Squidoo - Online Article writing

These are top best online jobs 20 sites that also pay Nigerians in Nigeria or else where and are listed above. There are many online jobs site where people of Nigeria can earn money but the listed site above are good and reliable. Thanks for reading and making money online.


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