How to Stop Wasting Time On Social Networks Like Facebook or Twitter

People whose activities on the social networks like Facebook or Twitter is to chat with friends, make some argument, make birthday wishes, post a prayer, talks about today's activities at work are equally enjoying the social networks but are wasting time.

I believe to avoid wasting time on the social networks like Facebook while you enjoy it is to find somethings to do online that fetch money. Many which includes;

1. Promote a Business: You could promote your business either big or small to your social networks friends. Your Friends on Facebook or Twitter followers can as well as become your buyer only if you build a relationship with them and introduce your business to them by posting on your wall.

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2. Start an Online Business: The time spend on Facebook or Twitter can be converted into cash doing the same activities. There are site that pay you for your tweets e.g addynamo, sponsoredtweets, mylikes etc You only tweet their products to your followers and get paid for it. It also applies to Facebook also.

3.Start Blogging: You can also invest the time you use on social networks to start a blog and post links of your blog contents to your social networks friends. If what you do on social networks is just to have fun, then you are wasting time but instead start a free blog which will bring opportunities for you later.

4. Build a Profile for Business: Ensure your Facebook or Twitter profile have few information about you, your skill, business or any services you render. You can also ensure you leave your business phone number while you enjoy your social networks. You might get called for business someday and make money from it.

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5. Sell your skills or Ideas : In order not to waste your time on social networks, you need to sell your skills or business ideas to your social networks by letting them know about the business. This can be inform of a website, links or art. You can also harness the money making ability of YouTube for video monetization. This is a great way to earn money online and avoid wasting time online.

These are things you can do online and earn some cash from it instead of just wasting time browsing and chatting on social networks. Remember you use money to buy your internet subscription and other things. Thanks for reading.


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