How to Start an Online Business in Nigeria

Recently, we posted on how to start an Online business in the United State of America and i see the need to also post to our Nigerian viewers on starting an online business and getting paid in Nigeria.

The internet services in Nigeria is really improving with an enhance internet banking system, online payment gateways and the intorduction of Paypal coming to Nigeria for various online transactions. This makes Nigerians engage in various online business and getting paid for their internet transactions even in Nigeria.

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You can start an Online Business in any part of Nigeria to gain for extra money, popularity,sales and profit in addition to salary work which may not be enough. To start your internet business in Nigeria, then you need to consider the following;

1. Payment Services: Before you can start a business online in Nigeria, you need to have a secure means of receiving or sending payments online. This is important for cash out or for any online buying and selling. Payment services like Payza, Paypal, Western Union, Perfect Money,Checkout,Nigerian Bank Account, Domiciliary Account, Credit card,Debit card etc should be made available to receive money

2. Niche/Market: To start an internet business in Nigeria, you need to identify and study your niche or market where you are expert in and can solve people's problem or other market type which is profitable.

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3. Make Research: Before you could think of starting any online business in Nigeria, you need to make some research, online reviews about reliable sites that pay high or scam site. You can also learn to pick products that the people want and would buy.

4. Build a Blog or Website: One thing to acknowledge before starting an online business in Nigeria is to build website or blog for promotional purposes, its also helps in building a brand and letting people know about your products or services. It can also become a way to earn money through Google Adsense,affiliate programs,CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click) etc. The website should be properly designed and targeted for traffic.

5. Acquire a skill: You can start to seek knowledge on how to create a website, design a website, offer seo services, logo, banner, video,pics,coding,programming,art etc. All these are good because it makes you get jobs and hired for freelance jobs.

6. Join Work at home Sites: You can open a separate email for your online payment login sites and start working online for money. Some sites which involves paid surveys, affiliate marketing, sport bets, micro jobs on fiverr, article writing, freelancers sites and many more.

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You can start your internet business just by ensuring you have some of the above tips ready, sell something, do freelance, writes for people, promote other people's product on your site, predict soccer score, integrate Google Adsense and many more.

You can get more information on various online business and how to earn money online simply by using the search box above to get quick links. Thanks for reading.


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