How To Maintain A Blog

There are so many advantages or gains a blog owner gets when he cultivates the habit of maintaining his/her blog either on WordPress or Blogger platform. Since your blog is your brand or business, then you should always find time to maintain the blog just to keep it active.

When you maintain your blog, readers will never think of neglecting the blog and will always come for more. I never realize this earlier until my site drop in Pagerank and Alexa recently and I decided to make some researches which am posting the end result here.

Back to the topic, you can always maintain your WordPress or Blogger blog doing the following;

1 Post Regularly : One of the best way to regularly maintain your blog is to post regularly, it is advisable to post at least weekly and if you have the time, post daily or better still, schedule your post if your are too busy to write often. Doing this helps your blog stand out and remains active 

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2. Moderate Comment: One of the things that kill a blog faster is to leave comments unchecked. Many readers in the quest to create backlinks leave comment with links and other also send spam comment as soon as they realize the site or blog is free. You can moderate comment simply by removing comments with links, option of Author approve comment if the blog is on Wordpress or You use Captha comment system if its on blogger. Its helps prevent spam and ensure the blog do not lose value on blogosphere.

3. Get Busy : You can keep your blog safe and properly maintained by ensuring you take your time to write original contents, avoid plagiarism through the copy and paste method and ensure you work to keep your social networks stand very active. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Digg etc 

4. Updates : WordPress regularly post new updates for bloggers to update their blogs while blogger also do so, its good to keep your site updated with some new features.

5. Check Blog States:  It’s always nice to make your blog fit by monitoring the blog through its statistics. This can be achieved by integrating the Google Analytic or Webmasters reports. It gives the blog owner the status of blog through quality of visit or any other site health related problems

6. Edit Pages or Post: You can also keep your site in safe standing by editing pages or post which needs to be edited or if there’s any change in address, phone number or even contact information, then you can change or edit such pages and if Google ask you to bring down a post, you ca do so easily.  Read Also - Make Money Online Blogging

7. Back up: You need to regularly back up your blog just in case of any loss or Unauthorized access to your blog. This is a thing you must do weekly or monthly as a blogger. It’s a good way to keep a WordPress or blogger blog safe .

At this point, I think I have been able to give few and important information your blog or site need to stay safe and properly maintained. Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging


  1. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.


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