How to Earn Money Online On WordPress

WordPress is one of the leading platform for creating and running a blog. Although, many site owners prefers WordPress platforms to blogger which has a limited usage,plugins and other advantages but how do people make money from WordPress?

Making money on WordPress looks a bit similar to earning money online through blogger which WordPress users can also testify to it. My other site is on wordpress and i see the various advantages of wordpress over blogger. Very soon, i will also be moving this site to wordpress which provides an avenue for me to have full control of the site.

       Ways to Make Money on WordPress

1.Google Adsense: You can make money on Wordpress through blogging and if your site has good amount of traffic,then wordpress is a good way to make money online from your blog by integrating Adsense on the site.

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2. Create WordPress Themes: Many wordpress users wouldnt mind buying a very quality and responsive themes for any price so, a good way to earn some cash through wordpress is to create themes and make adverts on the themes with Google Adword or Facebook ads.

3. Create Plugins: If you are a geek or tech savvy who knows software and plugin programming, then start making some cash by creating plugins that people will need on their wordpress blog. You can earn some good amount of money creating plugins and selling it to wordpress users.  

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4. Article Writing : There are many WordPress site owners who needs article, if you can write good and original article and not a copied and paste contents, then you make money from wordpress users who need some content for money. You can get such people from sites like odesk, hubpages, fiverr,freelancer, warriorforum and many more.

5. SEO Services: What many blogger who are using the wordpress platform needs is help on search engine optimization. KI recent paid for one despite i have some premium plugins that can do it. Doing this or rendering this service will help you earn money from wordpress, on WordPress and also from WordPress users

These are things you can do to make money on WordPress either as a user or a developer. Make use of this tips and make money from Wordpress like any other internet guru. Thanks


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