How to Earn Money Online Buying and Selling Domain Names

I was surprise when a domain name i registered sometime ago got sold to a client who needed it for a commercial importance and i see this as good thing which i decided to pass the information on some of the things i did to sell the domain name and make huge cash from it.

There are so many things involved trying to make money buying and selling domain to make money, some which includes;

1. Register from Reliable Site; The first step or first thing involved here is to register the domain from a reliable company which has good customer service and fast medium of payment like paypal for renewal or purchase. Such which includes Namecheap, Godaddy or Hostagator, they are reliable
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2. Keep It Short : The journey to selling a domain for a reasonable amount of money is to keep the domain as short as possible with no shortcut or commas,underscore,hyphen etc

3. Marketable Value: You need to register a domain with high marketable value i.e a quality domain name attract buyers in the shortest period of time. You need to register a domain which clearly attract a business, brand or product.

4. Backlinks : To be able to sell a domain name, you need to build backlinks to the domain which i believe can be done with time or get it as fast as possible on fiverr for as low as $5. A domain name with a good few site linking to it readily attracts buyers to it.

5. Pagerank ; Shortly after building backlinks, ensure you build tthe website to get a good PR i.e a nice pagerank from Google which can be achieved by buiding more and more contents around it

6. Domain Parking : Even if you really have nothing to do with the domain, the best thing to do is to park it with the domain name registration site. With this no one will be able to register it again and with these you get lot of mails from interested client who really need such
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7 Sell : After achieving all these, the you can decide to advertise the domain for sale. This can be done by placing on classified ads site, fiverr or flippa. Flippa is reliable but there are other site where you can also list your domain or website for sale. You only need to Google on site to sell domains.

Do all these and you will be shocked on how people will be interested in your domain and pay for it. I listed an old domain registered sometimes ago on flippa and i was surprised to get it sold for $1500 although, it has the following rudiments above. These are the ideas on how to make money buying and selling of domain names. Thanks for reading.


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