Best Ways to Monetize a Site or Blog

If you have a site or blog with good traffic and you really do not know to monetize the site to earn money, then this post is for you to read, learn and implement all you learn reading this.

Monetizing a blog or a site means finding a way to make money from the site. Not only huge blog traffic brings the best in monetization but you can as well make money from your blog if your site is well ranked on search engine, good search engine optimization, backlinks, great contents and good authority.

Below are top rated ways to monetize your blog which brings some cash;

1. Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the best way to monetize your high or low traffic blog, it involves exposing other people's brand on your website and sending traffic to them for a specific purposes. Affiliate marketing pays well especially if your site has good amount of traffic from search engines or paid ads like facebook ads.

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2. Banner ads : For many site with nice traffic, their main source of income through their blog is banner ads. You can monetize your blog with banner ads by registering with some CPA site. You get paid by placing clients banner on your site in extend for cash. The client also get good traffic directed to his site and vice-versa.

3. Google Adsense: This also also the best way to monetize a blog and get fast cash in return. As long your site do not violate their policies and it has good amount of traffic, then allowing Google serve ads on your site a better way to make money through your site.

4. Sponsored Post : You can monetize your blog through sponsored post and reviews. If your site is popular with a decent traffic, then you can start accepting paid post and you can also start writing reviews for different products. It pays and i have make some good cash from sponsored post using this method. You only need to get a good pagerank, Authority and traffic.

5 Sell Something: The best way to monetize your site is to sell something. Either you sell your own product or other people product whichever way, you make money from it. You can also render services through the service page of your blog where you help people build a website, run bulk sms, seo, buy domain, host and many more.

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6. Sell Ads Space; This is a good way to monetize your site because you control the price, space and can make advertisers compete for such space only when the site is getting bigger and the traffic is flowing. Create an ad space on any format especially 125x125 or 250x300, link it to your contact page where the conditions and price is included and see how advertiser will come and rent the space for some good cash.

These are ways you can monetize a blog, make decent income and make blogging interesting for you. All these are centered around getting good traffic and popularity. Thanks for reading as your monetize your blog for money.



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