Apple's Iphone 6 Pre-Orders On Fire In China a Chinese web site that appears to be monitoring Apple's iPhone 6 and Iphone 6+ pre-orders on a period basis. I even have started following it and developed a Google Doc with the fourfold I even have knowledge.

The first information about this is from Prince Philip Elmer-DeWitt’s article at Fortune that has showing over 2.8 million pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 6s as evening on Friday Beijing time (8:00 am Friday Pacific time). The article conjointly documented an article that there have been regarding one million iPhones pre-ordered additionally to the 2.8 million.

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I have read 3 a lot of times (Beijing time) with the subsequent total Apple iPhone pre-orders:

    3:30 am Saturday: 2.91 million
    7:30 am Saturday: 2.93 million
    2:00 pm Saturday: 4.85 million

As you'll see from the 3rd and 4th dataset for the half dozen and a 1/2 hours Saturday morning to early afternoon there have been nearly 2million of Apple iPhones ordered in China. whereas it's not a right away comparison to the four million pre-orders that Apple proclaimed within the 1st twenty four hours for the primary ten countries that received iPhone 6s, it's a sign however robust demand there's for the company’s new iPhones.
Apple screen shot of iPhone half dozen information

From what the web site is showing in a very heap of how Apple might be lucky that it failed to embrace China within the initial wave of nations that received the iPhone 6s. By delaying the provision till Oct seventeen, 4 weeks when the primary ten countries is can facilitate Apple’s producing partners ramp production to a minimum of create a dent in what might be new demand.

Leave and disregard what you have seen on numerous websites that many iPhone 6’s area unit in use. i think will be owing to provide constraints for the half dozen and 6+ and not representative of true demand as can be seen within the longer lead-times for the half dozen Plus. a minimum of for China the iPhone half dozen Pluses have a small one hundred and twenty fifth or two edge over 6s orders that may be a higher indication on that iPhones individuals actually need.


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