5 Way To Avoid Claims Of Online Stealing

I am sure we all must have heard the issue going on with Linda Ikeji, but have we learnt any lesson from what happened to her. Plagiarism is something that can easily be overcome just give credit to whom it is due and below are some other ways of overcoming plagiarism

Learn To Write.
Some bloggers are plain lazy. Just copy and paste whatever stories they see and move on. However it will not take anything away from you if you sit down and write something. Even if the news is general knowledge try to write your own words as opposed to copy and paste.


Reference Others
There are times when you might want to copy and paste a sentence or post you have seen because it’s just perfect. There is nothing wrong with lifting the post only if you reference whoever you are getting the post from. Negligence on this issue is what brought Linda Ikeji’s blog down.

Get a Guest Writer
If you know you are too busy with other activities to keep up with writing original material on your blog, you can as well employ the help of a feature writer who would help in the daily upkeep of your blog. It’s not as expensive if you meet the right person to help you do it. Remember there a lot of people out there just looking for stuff to do.

Create Time for Original Posts
Original posts in this case are not posts about any news making the round. These posts are topics based on your interest or based on the niche of your blog. Write them well and you can be rest assured that you will be staying away from any plagiarism claims.

Give Due Credits
It’s almost like referencing but with referencing you are only copying a part or quoting a site. However if you don't really have time or you are too busy to write and left with the option of lifting the whole post of another blogger, make sure you give due credits to the site at the end of the post so people can identify where you got your content from. Thanks for reading.


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