5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Domain Name

Since your website or blog domain name represent your brand or promote your business, it must be picked with care. I see many people complain of not getting enough popularity or search engine optimization on their sites and blogs, not knowing the shortcoming is due to some unobserved errors.

If you are to register a domain for your site such as .net, .com, .org, .info, .ca etc you need to put the following into consideration because it can help make the right choice when choosing the best domain name for your blog or website which in return boost your sales or promotion.

1. Reliable Domain Registrar site: The first thing to consider before choosing and registering a domain name for your website is to ensure you make some research on few reputable domain name registration site. Few domain sites i believe and have been tested are Hostagator, Godaddy, Namecheap and Arvixe 

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2. Similarity with Business: Before picking a domain name, the name of site or blog must be similar and related to product or brand to be promoted. It helps to attract people visit the site more based on what they are searching for and the keyword used.

3. Avoid the use of slangs, Symbols and shortcuts: To choose the best domain name for your blog or site, you need to avoid slangs and too many symbols such as , . / ? " ' ; : #@ ! and many more. It may not be too reliable for proper search engine optimization and many people may not like such.

4. Keep it Short: Choosing a short and simple domain name usually have edge over sites with longer domain name. Imagine a site like makemoneyonlineinunitedstatema.com It looks longer and many readers or new visitor may find it hard to remember. So to choose a domain name that works fine, pick the shorter one's that can easily be remembered.

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5. Act Fast : Now that you have a domain name on your mind, then you need to act fast by registering it immediately before or after the site or blog is live. Even if the .com is not available for registration, then you can also get the available .org or .net just to secure the domain. Many free domain users like the blogspot or WordPress are often faced with the problem of cyber squatting where someone else register their domain before they do. its very common these days.

These are few important things you need to consider before choosing and buying a domain. Your site is your business, so act fast now. Thanks for reading.


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