Why You Need to Use Your Real Name for Online Business

The quest to start making money online from your visitors, buyers or clients especially for people who sell something online starts with your own credibility and personality on the internet. 

When i started my Internet business, i was using a lady pictures and name just to get traffic and sales to my business but to my surprise, i was limited and could not even acknowledge some real invitation, calls, messages because i wasnt myself. Then i decided to use my real name, picture and other links to my social networks profile e.g Facebook


I begin to changes upon being myself and exposing my real self. Some of the advanatges you will enjoy using your real name and self imcludes;

1. Online Credibility: When you use your real information for your online business, you gain credibility and many customers see you as real. No one will like to make transactions or buy from bots or fake individual.

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2. Easy Access: You may be contacted easily by any individual or buyer through your real social networks profile for important transaction which may bring some cash.

3. Google Search: This is one of the reason i posted this, i was about to make a transaction for a company which promised to pay by Paypal. They contacted many other site owners but after one day or two, i was contacted with recommendations that they thoroughly search my name on Google and what they saw was good. I might have lost such opportunity if i had used some fake name to sell online.

4 Contract: One of the reason to use your real name for your online business is to be able to defend any contract that come your way online. Big companies  believes in real people and will like to award contract or buy from a real person.

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5. Payment: The consequence of not using a real identity can be severe if there is a mix up or problem with any online payment the bearer is using. Retrieving a password or verifying identity with payment gateways like Paypal, Western Union, Payza, Perfect Money etc requires real identity and name for verification and when such is missing, the money earned may be forfeited because there no way you could claim such cash with a fake name.

These are few reasons why you need to use your real name for your internet business. If you have more ways where our readers can learn, please use the comment box below to add a suggestion or ask a question on the topic. Thanks for reading.


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