The New iPhone 6 Becomes Coveted Gold In China

Even though the iPhone 6 has not yet being officially launched in China. Some business men in the largest nation in the world have imported the hottest new phone into the country but this new set of iPhones are one of the first set of iPhones in the country making it coveted Gold.
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The iPhone is such a big deal because it has not being approved for sale in China thereby creating a sort of black market for the product. Apple has actually released the iPhone 6 in Nine countries and most of them such as New York  a long line of old Chinese people can be seen waiting on the line for hours just so they can purchase the phones for export to China. It is from this Chinese individuals outside their country, that China has being able to get  feel of the very much coveted phone.

In China due to the scarcity of the new phone. The price has increased from the official $299 to a whooping $4,128. I guess you now understand why it is coveted Gold. So if you were in China would you spend this much the new Iphone6?


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