Strategies for Adequate Online Marketing

There comes a time when we have various products we would want to draw attention to whether It be an online product or a product that can be physically used and one of the main ways for the promotion of any product or services is through the use of online marketing. Online marketing makes you reach a wider audience than some other forms of marketing. So therefore below are some tips that would make your online marketing experiences easier.

Start with a web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy.   
Whatever your product is, proper promotion online is a good place to start and what better place to start online now than the social media platforms. Believe me when I say it’s very effective and there are many people/organizations, who professionally promote products and services on social media,

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Promotional ads on social media platforms is not all, you can also create a well designed website for yourself. With this platform, adequate information about your product and services can be provided in full details, thereby granting customers the ability to get first hand information on the type of product and services you cater to.

Ensuring Effective Communication and Feedback From Customers Through Website

It is not enough that you promote your products and services online, as you must ensure that those who see your product ads should have a way of communicating online with you. For example, your website must have a section whereby intending customers can make inquiries with the hope of getting honest feedbacks. Though many sites have this section, some of them rarely give replies to people who ask questions and thereby loose prospective customers. Therefore make sure you reply questions and inquiries that come through your online portal.

Originality In Your Marketing Strategy

Nothing kills your online campaign than carrying out the same old strategies used by your competition or by the general online population. If you know you are in charge of your product campaign, ensure to create a team with people who are up to the task of coming up with ideas that are out of the box. Whether it’s your team or someone you are paying to market your product and services online, make sure that dynamic ideas are used for you and not general ideas that are floating around.

Do Not Be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish   
Though finance is a huge factor when it comes to any form of marketing, you have to make sure you use a platform that will save you cost or enough money so that other goals you have can be met.
For example; Let’s say you are a new artist and you have a new song to promote. Put it in mind that you are broke and have only 60,000 Naira for the promotion of your song and your last two options were to either give the whole 60,000 Naira Super blogger, Linda Ikeji or to probably give just 20,000 Naira to a social media promoter. Yes Linda has thousands of views on her blog, infact millions according to Statistics, but your music post gets up there just once and that’s it. Other news come in to the blog and the post about your song goes down and out of view.

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However a good social media promoter, let’s say on Twitter who has got thousands of followers, would tweet your songs multiple times in one or two weeks depending on your agreement. Therefore instead of spending your whole 60,000 Naira on Linda Ikeji for just one day isn’t it wiser to spend all that on a medium that will promote your work to thousands of people for a period of three whole weeks according to our calculation of 20,000 Naira per week? I leave you to decide.   

Ensure your Website is Visible to Search Engines
n this case, you need to ensure that you add your website‘s URL to search engines and also to directories. Just make sure your website is structured, well designed with easy navigation so that the traffic you get, bookmark your website and continue to return for information based on your product or services. Make sure you submit XML files to search engines to boost your websites on search lists.


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