How to Start a Salon Business in Nigeria

Salon Business is one of the best and lucrative business in Nigeria right now because it does not cost much and requires little capital to start.

Either a barbing salon or beauty salon for women pays a lot because it require no college degree to start one but a unique skill. Many youth are engaged in salon business and i must tell you that they are earning money doing this.

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If you want to start a salon business either a beauty salon,barbing salon or both, its quite easy and you need to make some research which we are providing just to make sure the salon business did not wreck after some years.

1. Learn/Train : To start a salon business in some part of Africa like Nigeria, you need to learn how to cut/barb hair or make women hair with various styles, it doesn't cost so much. It only requires few month and you gain freedom from that. You really need to go for traing or learn to make women's hair or learn to give some nice hair cut.

2.Get Capital: During the course of learning, you can be keeping some fund or seek fund to start your salon business in any state of Nigeria. Friends and families,Credit Unions,Savings,Sales of Property etc can help raise capital to start your business but it depends on how big or small you want  the size to be. Remember, the bigger the size, the higher the fund to start because of rent fee.

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3. Location
: What makes people excel in salon business especially in countries like Nigeria is the location. You really need to take your time to select the best location for this salon business. Location that are easily accessible, visible to people with reasonable parking space is okay for your salon business. Don't go and get a space in a corner or remote areas for this kind of business, it may not work.

4. Design: For people to come asking for more of your services, you need to ensure your shop or centre has a very good design,neat with modern equipments. You also ensure to provide the best salon facilities with good layout. Germicides,anti dandruff,antiseptics,disinfectant,after shave etc should be provided.

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5. Advertise the Business: This is easy, you need to make sure you advertise or give some publicity for your salon business. Nigeria is wide and well populated, don't be surprise that there are many salon around you that's why you need to make your salon business stand out from others. Just make a simple poster,billboard or a nice art work on the wall of the shop. It attracts people to come to your salon often and you make steady money.

These are things to consider, acquire before starting a salon business in Nigeria. The same applies to other countries like United State,South Africa,UK,France etc


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