How to Start a Business With no Money

Can i Start a Business with no Money? A reader sent a question wanting to know if there is a kind of business someone can start with no capital or money. With no money or capital, can one start a business? but the answer is yes.

Getting money or capital to start a business can be challenging at times because nobody really want to help or believe in your business ideas but there are some business that can be started with no money at all.

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It not that the business requires no money to start but their are other things that can take the place of money which is easily affordable. Example of such includes a computer,a phone,an internet,a Facebook or twitter account, Handwork or skill etc. The business which requires no money and can be started comfortably which includes;

1. Craft on Classified sites: You can start a craft making business if you have the knowledge and skill to do so. Making craft is what you can do at your leisure, ensure they are beautiful and place them in front of your house,a friends shop or on classified ads sites like Kijiji,eBay,Craigslist etc. People who loves your craft and are in need of it will buy from you.

2. Micro jobs: This is a business which can be done online. Such sites like fiverr, seoclerks,gig-bucks will pay you for every successful gig you complete and its so simple. It requires no money or capital to start, with your skills, you can make money from micro jobs site designing a website, a logo,creating videos etc

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3. Writing: If you have no money to start a business, then article writing online or offline.g newspapers is a good way to do that. Writing article online pays more than any other business. You don't need to be a guru to become a freelancer but your simple creativity can help you excel as a freelancer. Its great

4. Social Media Marketing: This is a business that can be done at home, you only need to use your twitter followers or Facebook friends to make money buy creating, promoting and posting advert of other people products to your friends. This type of business may require no money but social networks interaction.

5. Work at Home Business: This is also known as online business.Examples includes paid surveys,blogging,affiliate marketing,Adsense,YouTube,Sport bets,Forex etc They require no money to start but only your time and internet connected devices 

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6. Web Design: Designing website for people requires no huge capital but skills and ability to put tools together for the website. Just create time, build a beautiful website and advertise to people around you and online, you get people to bid for your website and buy from you.

These are few business you can do that requires little or no capital. Just think of something you can do or a business you can render to your friends and to people for some cash. You may use the comment box below to add more to this topic or ask a question. Thanks for reading.


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