How to Make Money Online Without a Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online but its very possible to also earn money without a blog. You may not need to have the best designed website or blog to make money but there are few things you can do without having a blog and still make money

I know many freelance writers who never had any blog but still earn huge cash online, below are things to do to make money without owning a blog or website;

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1. Become a Freelancer
: As a freelance writer, you may not necessarily need a blog but you write for popular websites and get paid. If you have good and interesting contents, just register with sites like Odesk, Freelancer, Hubpages,Ezinearticles etc. It requires no website but you are paid by clients which uses your article or Adsense revenue sharing

2. Fiverr : This is a micro jobs site where you can render any services for cash. The services you render is called gig and you get paid after you gig has been delivered. The gig can be in any form for $5 e.g write articles, create a logo, Create a Video, Provide traffic, Likes etc All for $5.  Read Also - 5 Trending Ways to Earn on Fiverr

3. Solo ads : This is a way of earning money helping other people promote their products.Its can be inform of article marketing, Email marketing,Video marketing etc

4. YouTube Videos ; You earn money without a website on YouTube simply by creating or editing exisiting videos, share it on various social networking sites and monetize the video using Adsense. This is one of the best way to make cash on the internet this days.

5. Adsense : Its not a must to have a blog before you can use Adsense to make money. As i said earlier, just create videos, integrate and monetize using your adsense and share the contents.   Read Also- How to Make Money on YouTube

With this, you may not need a blog or website and you still make money. Read again the tips provided above and decide anyone you can start with. Thanks for reading


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