How to Make Money Online as a Graduate or Undergraduate in Nigeria

On this post, we will be passing out free information on how and ways by which a graduate or undergraduate can work online and earn some money for themselves in Nigeria.

It has come to my notice that people just young people in Nigeria waste away with their internet connected mobile phone and do not really have sufficient information on how a graduate,undergraduate or a student can earn some cash from the internet.

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There are so many ways you can work online and make money here in Nigeria which has been posted on this site. I will only talk briefly on the sure and legitimate ways to earn money through the internet, just read and make the impact.

1. Adsense: You can make money from Google Adsense in two ways, the first way is to create a free site or blog on blogger, post some useful contents(write up or articles), drive traffic to it and earn money from traffic generated. The second way is to create a video of anything or edit any video, post it, drive traffic to such video with your Facebook or Twitter or paid option and get paid directly to your bank account in Nigeria. This can be done either as an Undergraduate or graduates.

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2. Fiverr: This is a micro job site that accept Nigerians. You can make money on this site even as a graduate or undergraduate simply by placing a gig on the service you can render for $5. A gig means a service or anything you can do for $5, it could be creation of logo, movies,drawing,webdesign,article writing,software development,programming, cartooning etc. Anything you can do with ease, just post your advert and see how it works.

3. Affiliate Marketing: This involves selling other people's items or products through your website. You only need to create a free website, post useful contents,drive traffic to it and start affiliate marketing. Reliable site for affiliate marketing includes cj,clickbank,hostagator,namecheap,peerfly etc

4. Online soccer: This is a fast way to make money online predicting scores of matches. Graduates or undergraduates watch football, while not try and make money watching football too. Its great.

5. Paid surveys: Many surveys site may not be real and legitimate but there are some few paid surveys site that are reliable and can work with. Example of reliable paid survey site includes toluna,globaltestmarkets,opinionoutpost etc. As a student or graduate,you only need to change your ipaddress, register with a US address and start taking surveys. Many of these sites pay by PayPal or direct bank transfer if you have a domiciliary account, you can get payment into your Nigerian bank account.

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As at now, there many ways which Nigerian Graduates, Undergraduate or students generally can make money from the internet which has been posted on this site. Just use the search box above and type any make money online word, you will see result within seconds. 

If you have any question on this topic as a Nigerian graduate and undergraduate, please comment below and let see to it. Thanks for reading.


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