How to Make Money on The Internet Selling Information

Its very possible to make make money on the internet simply selling information to people. Its not a must you must sell a product or render a service to begin make money online but there are ways you can sell you information for money.

People are willing to pay for information that solves a problem, teach then How to, add value to their lives and many times,information that are relevant to make them happy. Any information can bring money to you if properly disseminated and people either directly or indirectly pay for such.

It can be your profession,area of expert,line of study,skill and many more. As long as that information adds value to people's life. The day i bought a book on how to reduce my belly fat and now,the information where sold to me with a package.

Ways to sell information online and make money from such information includes;

1. Ebooks: Package your information by creating an Ebook for it and find means of selling it online or offline. People still buy Ebook that solves problem and add great value as i said.

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2. Blogging: Blogging is also a way to sell information online for money. There are various topics and areas you can blog on and i bet you, you will earn money doing such. Imagine a family doctor who has a health blog,i believe its will be beneficial to people while they also buy some of your product along with the free information.

3. Adsense:  Adsense is a way most internet marketers and site owners make few cents from Google Money making program for publishers. You only add few contents to your free site,share it and getpaid based on clicks or impression gotten from your site. Thanks

4. YouTube : Exactly what i am doing now, i got new information which i really want to give for free, make brief video on it and post it on YouTube for people to watch. Thats a way of selling information and how do you make money from such information. Its simple,just monetize the video and share on various platform online.

5. Affiliate Marketing : You can really get paid for selling and publicizing other people product by pasting their affiliate code on your site and get paid for any sale or leads gotten from such. See Also - How to Sell Network Marketing Products

6. Motivational Talks: Offer free seminars to people on various life issues and how to solve them especially based on personal experience. Put into writing,paste on your Facebook or Twitter and see how people will begin to order for your books or presence all because you have the experience and the solution to such problems.

These are free ways to make money online selling information. Many times, your earnings may be faster if you invest into paid adverts for such but all the same, money will be made. Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi daayur,
    A good article on making money selling information. You have highlighted the methods to achieve the same. Regarding adsense, you have correctly said “site owners make “few cents” from Google Money making program for publishers”. Well done. I saw this article on I kingged it and thought of expressing my views.

  2. Hi Dayo,
    You are spot-on with the ideas on information selling you have shared. Yes, it is possible to make consistent money from any of these methods.

    However, to breakthrough with any of these methods means that the blogger must ensure that REAL VALUE is provided to those using the information. Customers reward VALUE!

    In, this post was found and the above comment was left!

  3. These are great ways to start making money online. It's however important to have a unique approach while using these methods. I love the instance of a health service provider who sets up a blog to market his professional service.

  4. Blogging is one of the sure way to do marketing because its cheap and can go viral with time


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