How to Make Money as a Single Mom in the United State.

I am writing this to help single moms earn some extra money by giving out creative ways for single moms to earn some money through the internet in the United State. I still believe that Single moms should also be taught how to earn money online because they need it and can be done to earn few extra cash in any state in the United State.

Single mothers are usually faced with challenges such as school fees,house rent, feeding etc which they might not easily earn but with the help of this internet money making ideas, they can try and feed themselves and not rely on any man for food.

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Despite all odds, i will be exposing some internet money making ways for single moms or housewives . Its referred to as internet business, you will not really leave your house however all you need is an online connected computer,tablets or phones in any state in the US. Either you live in Maryland,Chicago,New York,Ohio, Texas and many more.

1. Build a free website: you can create a free blog on any of the two platforms which are blogger or wordpress. the web site are helpful for you as you start your internet business in your state. The free website will go a long way in promoting your product,craft or services in an easy way which will be described as you read on.

2.Open a YouTube Account/ Facebook and Twitter: These are social networks you'll sign on for. If you're already on Facebook or Twitter, its nice to open a YouTube account along with your gmail or google account. Its a step to creating wealth through selling or marketing your contents,products or services.

3. Produce Videos: If you have got an internet connected computer or phone, just start creating of something, any event, any teaching, any music on your phone and transfer it to YouTube and start spreading your videos to your Facebook or twitter followers for traffic. If you notice your videos is obtaining some views, simply monetize the videos with Adsense to earn few cents from the traffic.

4. Article Writing
. If you're a single mother and you actually do not know ways that to earn cash online, i like to recommend article writing for you. you may not be an expert but however with constant writing, you'll improve. Register on fiverr, post gigs(advert) on what any topic you'll be able to write for $5 or visit sites like bukissa, ezinearticles,squidoo,hubpages,odesk etc

5. Blogging : Since you have got produce a free web log or web site, then begin blogging. It means that begin writing on any topic you prefer on your web site. Drive traffic to your contents and legalize the content with Adsense. The Adsense used for your YouTube videos may also be used for contents too. Single moms are the most effective bloggers within the world because of the expertise they have.

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6. Sport Bets: this is looks funny and risky, however if you're keen on soccer and may accurately predict immeasurable live association football event, then you'll be able to begin creating cash right here in the United State with your phone or pc.

7. Sell Something
: As a mother, you'll be able to create cash online in United State by promoting and selling stuffs online. If you have selling and marketing skills and also a product to sell then start posting them on classifed ads website for buyers or sellers to buy your stuffs online.

8.Take Surveys: There are some good surveys site sites that pay well, just make your research and start taking paid surveys from such sites. e,g tolua,globaltestmarket,opinionworld,pineconeresearch etc are legitimate survey site that pay their customers.

These are online money making opportunities to earn money as a single mom or parent. Try any of the following and start making cash just like any other people right here in the United State.


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