How to Get Jobs Online as An Article Writer

There are many ways to earn money online which i believe you only pick just a few of them and start working for money. The oldest and most common work from home jobs is online article writing.

People make money from article writing at ease while some other people complains of not getting hired, not finding work online or people are not interested in their write ups. The answer to this question on "how do i find job as a writer?' lies within you.

Article writing is easy but it may not be easy for writers whose ideas of online wring is to copy and paste. Recently, i hired a writer to help write few articles for me and i was disappointing to see such person rewriting existing articles claiming its original.

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Article writing is not copy and paste but you need to be creative, original, and write up interesting articles. If you fit into this category, then finding work as a writer should be easy and you make more money from it.

How to Get Hired as a Writer
To get job or work as a article writer, you need use the following tips below and i bet it, you get orders or request for you articles. You can get people who needs article by;

1. As a writer, you need to post a gig(services) of your articles on micro-jobs site like fiverr, gigbucks, seoclerks etc Here interested buyers will order for your articles in form of gig and you make money writing articles. For example, you can create a gig on fiverr like "i will write 4 articles for your website on any topic" for $5.Peopel will definitely order for such gig .

2. Submit sample of articles to sites like ezinearticles, goarticles,helium where people can see your articles and seek your help for some good articles. Its a good way to get work as a writer.

3. As a writer, you need to create a good blog for yourself and people will like to associate with you in different ways. Seeing some articles samples on your site triggers interest from articles seekers. It may be inform of sponsored post, or you may be given a contract to manage a site and get paid writing for the site.

4. To get jobs as a writer, you need to join some website like helium,bukissa,associate contents, freelancers, getacoder, rentacoder etc. Those site are article writing site where you can get hired easily as a writer.

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5. As a writer, you get hired easily by creating a short videos telling people why they need to hire you as a writer and mentioning some of your articles for them to see. 

These are ways to get hired as a writer, you get contract to work online for people by writing articles for them and get paid. Not by copying and pasting other people's content or by using article re-writers, but original articles. Thanks for reading.


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