How to Earn Money Online In Nigeria

I am writing this to let the people living in Nigeria know how and ways to make money from home anywhere in Nigeria. People make money in different parts of the world using their internet connected devices and still retain their current jobs or not.

After working online, receiving payment seems to be easy now due to the influx of different payment system into the country. As at the time of writing this post, PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Perfect money, Webmoney, Western Union, Google Adsense bank payment etc are all working perfectly in the country, so you can work and make your earn cash online right there at home. Read Also- How to Make Money for free

There are different online money programs available to Nigerians to participate in, you may not be the best writer,programmer,designer or computer operator but the few listed site pays people which i was part of them and am making cash now from the comfort of my home. These are secrets am about to review for free to Nigerians who want to use the internet to make money for themselves.

1. Article Writing: This is sure and many sites accept Nigerian and they pay. You don't need to copy and paste other people's work, just be creative and unique, then you get paid. Sites like warriorforum, rentacoder,helium,freelancers,getacoder,triond,bukissa are there for you to write and get paid.

2. Adsense : You can make money from Google Adsense and see your money sent directly to your bank account in Nigeria by blogging. It means you create a blog, post some content and monetize it with Adsense. You can also create unique videos,monetize the videos with adsense and drive traffic to the video using facebook,twitter,Google+ etc

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3. Micro Jobs: This seems to be the best way to earn money online in Nigeria now. Its only involve what you can do for $5. You post a gig(services) on sites like seoclerks,zeerk,fiverr etc. You can do anything for $5 on the sites, just check the sites out and see what others are doing to make money from fiverr.

4. Sport Bets: This kind of internet business is not for everybody because its risky. You can lose you money easily and also gain money at the end of 90minutes. Its very fast but if you know football and can predict scores, then you are in for this. Best site to get this done is 9bets,nairabets,1960bets,planetofbets,merrybets and nairastakes. They all pay immediately the match ends. If you play live football, then you make money during the match.

 5.Affiliate Marketing: This is the best way to make money online in Nigeria, its stress free and has various opportunities to earn right here in Nigeria. You only need to have a website or blog site either on blogger or WordPress, drive traffic to the website and sell other people's product on the site. How, you only join some sites, get the affiliate link codes and paste it on your site. You make money from the traffic,clicks or sales your site drives to the original owner of product or link. Sites like Clickbank,Commission Junction(cj), Konga,Hostagator,Namecheap etc all have affiliate programs and they accept Nigerians

6. CPA: This is referred to as Cost per Action, its a way to make money from your blog or site by registering with them, copy affiliate links from sellers and start promoting it on your site. You get paid into your Paypal or Payoneer account when a customer buys from your site(sales) or when a customer buy through the banner on your site(leads). Good sites for this includes Peefly,its very good.

7. Paid Surveys: Although this one looks old, but its still works. Since you use smartphone, just install roboform on it, register as many site as possible and begin to take paid surveys for money. The roboform makes it fast but you will need to change your Ip address and some other information on the site to US or UK. Most survey site pay by paypal or check.

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8. Sponsored post: This only works if your site is getting good ranking and popularity on search engines. It involves accepting post or articles for money. You paste them on your site and that's all. This is basically for site owners or bloggers. They pay you to publish the contents on your site. I did this for a very long and the money keeps coming.

9. Teach Online: A good way to earn money online in Nigeria now is to teach people the skills you've got. You can do this in your own way and post it on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. You can also write some of your topics on Word format and convert it to PDF and use it to create an Ebook for people to buy. List it online, advertise it and see the wonders, any skill works.

10. Sell Something: The best and the most reliable way to make money legitimately from the internet here in Nigeria is to learn to sell something. If you don't have anything to sell, sell other people's products. Its so simple, your Facebook and Twitter followers are there, post links to product on your wall and that is it. You can even use your free site to sell something. Ask anybody, the best way to earn money now is to sell.

There are over a hundred(100) ways to make money online in Nigeria, but we need to start from somewhere. These are what i do personally to get some cash to my pocket which have just revealed to you. If you have any question, use the comment box below or contact form. Make Money from the Internet in Nigeria now, don't waste time. Thanks for reading


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  3. Thanks a lot Dayo, you are wonerful.
    Infact I have tried my best to get this kind of info but to no avail, everyone wants to sell it first. I have been doing some online PTC which is not fetching me much and it's time consuming. am a working mother but I need more cash to keep my family. can you coach me more pleeaaasee! I reside in Port Harcourt though.


  4. Thanks for dropping a comment on this topic, we have money ways and ideas on free ways to make money online. anyone you want , i will suggest but better still, use the search box up there to search as many topics as you need. I will be expecting your feedback or questions


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