How to Earn Extra Money While Keeping your Day Job

Can i Keep my day job and still make money online?
Its very possible to keep your current work and still make money online. Working online to make some extra cash may not require you to stop working in your current place of work instead, you can choose some easy work at home jobs and do them at part time which may not affect your day job

You can make extra cash online doing the following;

1. Sell Something Online
: If there are few items you created or are excess such that they seems not to be useful anymore e.g laptops, list them on classified ads site like Ebay, Amazon, Craiglist, Kijiji etc and make money from those items listed there.
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2. Blog : You could start blogging and only use your weekends or sometimes at night for few times a week to that, integrate Adsense and promote your site with some cash, you will see how money will be moving into your account aside from your wages or salary but this is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time

3. Affiliate Marketing : You could sell other people problem using your website, you only need to place codes of your seller on your site and get paid on commission made from your site on such product. Example of good affiliate programs include, Amazon products, Clickbank and many more.                    Read Also- How to start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank

4. Take Survey
s : This is a common way to make money online, it can be done anytime and for those who have current work they do, it can be done on part time basis which involves filling out surveys for money. Many surveys takes few minutes to completes but at the end of the month, extra money is earned. 

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5. Teach Online : You could decide to teach people on how to do anything in your area of expert, may be on how to design a website, build an audience,solo ads, create videos etc

These are ways to make extra money while you still keep your day job, its real. You may not be able to do everything but simply pick one of two and start the business. Thanks.


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