How to Add Page Menu Drop Down on Blogger Mobile Template

In order to make sure my site on blogger have the best mobile experience, i decided to seek how i could add a navigation menu also known as Page/Labels Menu to show on my blog mobile view but not on desktop view

I did this myself, so you also can also make the change on your blogger blog by this simple process. It going to show on mobile with a drop down menu list containing your pages which is usually at the top(header) of your blog which reduces bounce rate and increases (Seo)Search Engine Optimization. Let Start the simple Process;

1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard 
2. If you had added the pages to your template then no need but if not just click on layout and scroll down a bit to the Pages then add
3. Just After that, check on Edit Template
4. Just move your mouse to the top where you see Jump to Widget and Immediately you see a Pagelist1 among the listed widget.
5. Immediately you see the codes like this 
6. Just Paste mobile='only between false and title as shown in the arrow above

7. Then Save the template where you get

After saving your templates, you get the navigation menu which is usually in a drop down style showing all your pages when viewed through a mobile phone and do not show on pc or desktop

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This is the simple method you can use to add and make your page or navigation menu display on mobile view on blogger. Thanks for reading


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