How to Accept Payments On Your Website in Nigeria

I was building a site for an organization in Nigeria and i was given an instruction that the site must be responsive and also accept payments from any one buying from the site. I make some research which am posting the facts as you read on.

There are two ways to accept payments on your site as a Nigerian in Nigeria. It does not matter if your site is on joomla,dreamwaver,html or free site like wordpress or blogger. As far the site is own by a Nigerian and want to start collecting payments on the site, the two ways to do that includes;

1. Paid Ways
2. Free ways

1. Paid Ways : This is very reliable and a trusted way to accept payment with one's website in Nigeria. You only need to get the website well designed and register with quickteller or interswitch to get a liceonce which allows people to pay directly to your bank account using their Atms card (debit card) of any bank. After registering, get the code and paste on the website and that is it.

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2. Free ways: This is cheap and can also be used to accept payment from a website in Nigeria, the only way to do that is to partner with voguepay which helps you do that by integrating their payment button on your website. And people can pay with their debit cards on your site.
  •  Register on Voguepay here and login
  •  Go to VoguePay home page and click Buy now buttons
  •  Fill and submit the "CREATE BUY NOW BUTTON" form.
  •  Copy the code shown on the right hand side of the page and paste it on your website's html code. Paste it exactly where you want a "Buy Now" button to be shown. Your customers can now click the button and pay online. 
I have tried using the free method and the paid one to accept payment on my websites, they are wonderful and works perfectly. Just in case you need more information how to integrate the payment button on Voguepay, just visit voguepay and read through their terms and conditions. Thanks for reading.


  1. nice info for getting paid in different country like nigeria... great post

  2. i like this post. at least i can now copy make payment banner on my website here in Nigeria


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