Facebook Set To Overthrow Google As It Unveils New Advertising Platform

Social media giant Facebook is set to launch its advertising network next week. This is to improve how marketers target users on its social networking website. The new product, known as “Alas”, is a redesigned version of another product known as Atlas Advertiser Suite, an ads management and measurement platform that Facebook purchased from Microsoft in 2013.


The product is apparently supposed to give marketers the ability track Facebook users, who have viewed or interacted on ads found on the social network as well as on third party websites and apps. Facebook’s new product is considered an attempt to challenge Google’s dominance in the online ad segment and it will offer a tool to allow marketers to buy ads to target Facebook users across the Internet.

“What Facebook is doing is more powerful than what Google is also currently involved in,” RishadTobaccowala, chief strategist at Paris-based PublicisGroupe, told the Journal, explaining the companies' capabilities in targeting and tracking ads.

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 According to the Journal, Facebook will reveal the Atlas platform at the Advertising Week conference, which starts on Sept. 29 in New York. Facebook is expected to attract marketers’ attention toward the new service, while arguing that cookies are an old and faulty method for targeting and tracking online ads.Companies like Facebook and search engine giant Google currently use "cookies" which sit on users' computers, to track the performance of their online ads and other things.

So do you think Google will still remain the Kings of online advertising or do you see Adsense falling of their online marketing throne.


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