Facebook Assures Users Of Privacy As They Debut New Advert Platform

We brought you news last week that social media giant Facebook was going to revamp its advert platform, however something that has being troubling the mind of users is the issue of privacy. Since adverts are going to be tracked through the profile of users there were concerns about user profile being made available to advertisers. 

The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook has said even if user profile data will be used to target ads around the web but assured that names and personal details of users won’t be shared.

According to Sandberg, 

“The No. 1 thing Facebook users said when we asked about ads,” Sandberg said, was not privacy but “relevance.” While seeing a movie that doesn’t fit your tastes might be a “terrible experience” for a Facebook user, one that's personalized based on your tastes would be much more engaging.”

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Sandberg made the statement at the International Advertising Bureau’s MIXX conference on Monday. So do you people think Facebook is up to the task of ruining Googles monopoly when it comes to online adverts? Let’s wait and see.


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