Can i Become a Millionaire with Basic Salary

I realizes that the top Millionaires in the world are actually investors and business minded individuals. I searched through the list of top Millionaires and Billionaires in the world and i found no office or salary earners among the list.

I ask a rich guy a question which stated that "Can i Become a Millionaire with my Salary?" he responded telling me things i need to know to become a millionaire even with the little salary i get from work. It includes;
  1.  To become a Millionaire with a basic salary, you need to start saving some money or set aside a few percent of your salary from the first month you started working. My Millionaire friend told me that i need to start saving at a young age and when my new work is young too.Read Also - Can a Student Become a Millionaire?
  2. You need to invest in stock, shares and long term investment that brings money later in life. More like life saving and real estate also works
  3.  Its not only business men and Entrepreneurs that are millionaires but some salary earners too are in which they got to the height by starting and investing in side business and still retain the current salary work.
  4. Millionaires or rich people are not wasteful people, so your steps into controlling your spending and investing is a road to becoming a millionaire. Unnecessary purchase of cars,gadget,cloths,phones etc should be controlled too.
  5. Ways some people got to the level of becoming a millionaire is use one's gift and skill the right way. There are untapped talent within you which need to be in use. You only need to figure out what skill is right and start making money from such.
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There are other ways ways one can become a millionaire with earned salary but many others will be posted in the next post. Just keep your fingers cross as we unveil the money making ideas.

Am not a millionaire myself, but i interviewed a friend who is super rich and he kindly gave some ideas for people especially the young one to follow. Thanks for reading


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