7 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online

I knew it might not be possible for me to write on earning money online if i haven't being making money myself. I see the internet as an extra way to earn passive income. Since the basic salary might not be enough for me, then its an alternative to extra cash for myself.


Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. I will really advice you to start the easiest one among the online businesses around and make it way to earn passive income for yourself. Ways to Earn Passive income from the internet includes;

1. Google Adsense: This can be used as a source of income through blogging, websites and YouTube. You only create a free website for yourself from blogger or WordPress, post useful contents, get traffic and enjoy money made from your clicks. It can also be achieved by creating original videos, monetize the video and make money from the videos. Its a great way to earn cash only if you drive traffic to the contents and videos.

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2. Affiliate Marketing: This involves selling other people's product through your site. You only copy the code of the seller on your site and make money from sales or views gotten through your site. It can be started simply by building a free blog, drive traffic to it and start placing affiliate codes on the site. Its a good way to earn passive income online.

3. Mobile App Creation: Creating mobile apps for cash is a big one. Most companies and website owners needs mobile version of their brand be placed on Google play, Apple Store, BB World etc

4. Email Marketing : This involves promoting other people's brand or product using your own subscribers list. You can send information about a brand or product for your loyal subscriber and people will really pay you to do such.

5. Micro Jobs: This is latest source of income for many online workers or the work at home. You only need to make an advert (gig) of what you can do and get paid for every completed works. Sites that offer such services includes fiverr, seoclerks,gigbucks,zeerk etc. Read AlsoTrending Ways to Earn on Fiverr

6. Video Creator: A simple way to make money online and use it a passive way to earn is to learn to create videos, offer the videos for sale or create original videos for companies its good.

7. Article Writing: If you are a good writer, then you need to start earning money writing articles for cash. Sites like bubblenews,hubpages,triond,ezinearticles,goarticles,freelancer etc accept your articles for cash. Its a good way to earn passive income too.

Other ways to make Passive Income through the internet is to sell something on classified ads site like Craigslist, Sell Ebooks, Sport betting, Forex and many more. It can be used to add more


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