6 Qualities a Good Website Must Have

What are the Qualities of a Great Website? This is the same question i ask a professional web designer/blogger whom i seek to help me improve my blog. He only said i can make my website good and great just like others but below are the answers he gave.

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1.Good contents: The only common thing about some good website on the internet is their contents. Content is the king any time and i good website must provide good contents that make lot of sense to the readers. If you are to make your blog or website great, then you need to add fresh, original and nice content to make your website great and even greater than the best.

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2. Solve Problems: To make a great website, you need to ensure your blog/website give information that solves problem. Either directly or indirectly, you must provide solution by smiles, laugh,tutorial, entertainment, news,research etc

3. Design: Your website can be greater than the existing one through a nice design. The design or template of a website or blog is one of the selling point for a site which keeps your reader coming again and again. People love responsive website with easy navigation, it means it must have well positioned menu or pages and well optimized for mobile viewers. You could go for premium templates that are responsive, it really helps the site to be good.

4. Contact info: A good website or blog should have some contact information on display or in a link page. Having a contact information or on a page gives impression that such person is a human being and at least can be contacted. It make negotiation easy and cool. The presence of your email or phone number is okay.

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5. Social Networks Button: Your blog or website should have social bookmarking site button as well as social networks like Facebook or Twitter button. It ensure social interaction between the site and the people on the internet. The presence of this button ensure a great blog.

6. Making Money: This may be controversial because not all blogs or website use it. Its a link or banner of programs to make money. I believe people don't just create a website or blog for fun but it must fulfill a particular purpose on ways to get money. People who sell can put a link and payment button where people can buy and pay online or other affiliate banners for money which Adsense is part of them.

These are few things that makes a great on the internet, if there are other ways, don't hesitate to pass information across to our readers by using the comment box below. Thanks for reading.


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