4 Risky Way to Make Quick Money Online

There are different ways to Make Money Online in which some are safe while the other may be risky but its real. The risky ways to earn money are quick,fast but may not be reliable

The safe way to make money will be published in the next post but now, we will given out ideas on the risky way to get paid doing Online Business.

1. Sport Bets : Sport betting is one of the fastest and quick way to earn money but its not safe and when i mean "Not Safe" am equally saying its too risky. You see your money gain or lose after 90minutes of play but the problem is most clubs are not reliable this days. You can make quick money with method if only you are not greedy and you know the rule of the game not to accumulate too many teams, not place bet on your team and not put all your life saving on it.


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2. Paid Surveys : This is the oldest way to make money online, i have been paid by this method on several occasion but the risky aspect of making money from paid surveys is the not finding the legitimate site to work with and many scam site will give you surveys after a while, you may not be able to lo-gin again. The era of making quick money online using Paid Surveys is gradually diminishing because many of them don't pay. We have a list of Paid survey site that actually pays in which i have been paid taking surveys with them.

3. MLM : There are so many get rich quick scheme on the internet, they promise to pay and urge you to invest your earned money on their program. Sometimes ago,i did a program and i was paid but after a while i discovered the MLM site is no more in existence, i could have lost my cash on this program if i had invested more at that time. This program is risky and i actually don't advice people to invest or start such money making work online.

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4. GPT: These are site which gives a particular task for you to do, test,try,sign up etc i did some and when i eventually reach payout, i couldn't access my account again.

Although, making money from these programs are fast,quick and immediate but the outcome is usually on a sad note. I have tested these and i see they are too risky to be engaged in and to invest more money in it make it even more risky.

In Short, try to avoid get rich quick scheme and go for the safe and legitimate ones. There listed programs are risky but use the search box to check legitimate money making programs. Thanks for reading.


  1. Hello Dayo!

    Thanks for sharing these four risky ways to make money online. There are frauds and most of them aren't easy to make a distinction. Good thing you gave us reminders to stay away from them, find another time worth it online jobs, and make money.

    We should aware of this. Thanks for this article; it is short, clear-cut and easy to understand. It is very informative. Thanks once again!

  2. Hi Dayo,
    The internet is filled with risky ventures. Many websites offer risky services to visitiors. It is left for the visitor to scan to sieve the reliable from the unreliable.

    "Risky" could also be subjective in the sense that what is risky for one person may not be risky for another.

    By and large, the riskiest ways to make money online is to depend on website that offer individuals opportunity to make "quick money" without putting more effort!

    I shared this comment also in kingged.com where I found this post.

  3. thanks for commenting on this topic

  4. Hi Dayo,

    Thanks for the interesting article - and interesting headline!

    I do sports betting every now and again. Although i don't class it as 'making money online' per se, more of an entertainment thing for me.

    I have tried surveys, and they do work. I actually have a free report on my homepage which looks at one particular site which is really excellent - and it pays out too.

    The others i haven't tried, and from what you have said, i probably won't try either - and i really wouldn't touch MLM with a bargepole anyway.

    Thanks for sharing this article, where I first saw it on Kingged.com.


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