12 Best Online Jobs in High Demands on Fiverr

Fiverr is a micro jobs site which allow people to earn money online rendering services for people in form of gigs. Fiverr is another fast way to make money at home sitting right in front of your computer and delivering services called gigs to people.

I have looked round, ask questions and make some research on the best services or jobs to render on fiverr to make sales and not only making sales but in high demand.

Posting gigs or services on high demand stands a better chance of earning more money with huge promotion or without. Below is a list of gigs on high demand in fiverr and what you can doo or services to render on fiverr to earn money. It includes;

1.  Solo Ads : Solo Ads are an email based advertising program agreed between two marketers or organizations to reach out to a list of subscribers that are registered to either one of them for a fixed price or performance based agreement. If you have a large number of email subscriber or list, then you can help other people grow their business by promoting it for them.

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2. Traffic Generation :
If you have real ways to send targeted traffic to a website or blog, then fiverr is a place to make money as long as traffic get delivered to the client

3. Social Bookmarking :
you can begin to offer gigs which promise to provide back-links from social book marketing site by submitting a customer site to social bookmarking site like diigo, diig, reddit, stumbleupon etc

4. Website Directory Submission ;
Submitting site to search engines and other web directories is a popular gig on fiverr with high demand.

5. Facebook Fan page Liking;
Every site owners and companies like to see their Facebook fan page get huge likes, the more like you provide, the better the gigs earns money.

6. Twitter Followers ;
you can also provide services(gig) which increases fiverr followers. Many people still wants that which can increase their twitter followers.

7. YouTube Views :
Providing YouTube views is hot cake on fiverr especially for promotional purpose or sales.   Read Also - 12 Fast ways to Earn Money Online

8. Translation :
Helping people, developers, site owner translate their content is on high demand and see as most active gigs on Fiverr

10. Article Writing, Spinning & Submissions ;
Article writing is one of the best gig any one can think of on Fiverr. Its the oldest and the most active with high demand

11. Website SEO analysis ;
This is highly recommended if you are an expert in search engine optimization. People will always want their site rank high with fast indexing.

12. Facebook Mass Posting :
Many may call this spam but its damn high in demand and people want software or ideas that can help them post their links on multiple facebook groups at once. It increases sales and many will always come for more.

All the ideas on gigs you can actually provide on fiverr are in high demand and works great. Thanks for reading


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  6. I got to see this post from Google when searching for Fiverr stuffs but am still not making money from fiverr....i posted all my gigs but still dont earn any money.


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