10 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Online As A Student

As a student having cash at hand is essential isn’t it?. However we know not all parents would be willing to give cash at every instance. Therefore we bring to you 5 ways in which you can make cash online as a student
1 Online surveys
If you are a student who is interested in making a little cash, online surveys might just be the way to go. Research companies always recruit new members to test newly released products and also ascertain their opinions on new or old products through surveys. For a few minutes of filling forms you can make some quick cash which will be paid in either cash or rewards.

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2 Start Your Own Website
Starting your own website is another means by which one can make money online. From adverts to selling your fully developed website for thousands. Starting a website from your days as a student is never a bad idea. For example Mark Zukerberberg mad started his million dollar social network ‘Facebook’ while in the university.

3 Enter Competitions
Many Nigerian students think the internet is just meant for going on Facebook or Instagram, however you can actually look for online competitions to engage in and this competitions can actually get you little cash if you win. Some of the competitions available range from simple registration forms to Facebook page liking.

4 Making YouTube Videos
People making YouTube videos is another way of making cash as a student. it doesn’t take too much put this video up. Just open a Gmail account and upload videos based on your passion and the hits you might get will surprise not to talk of the adverts. You will receive a percentage of the advertising revenue collected per 1,000 views. P.S check out those guys who teach make up lessons on you-tube, they get a lot of hits. So think about it. Read Also - How to Save Money as a College Students
Freelance Writing
Online freelance writing is another means by which one can gain access to quick cash as a student. Very often there are always websites or people who might be seeking written articles from people and in most cases this people advertise on social network sites. Therefore seeking out this people and writing articles for websites is another way of making cool cash.


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