Why You Need to Stop Sport Betting

Sport Prediction especially soccer betting is the fastest way to earn money online which I have tried multiple times, In just 90minutes, you already know the outcome of the matches play which may be win, draw or lose.

I tried to be smart by picking the best team that can win despite the odds are small but many sure teams often play draw or lose at times.

Although, there very reliable betting and sport prediction sites but still I feel it needs to be stopped based on collective facts from experts


5 Reasons You Need to Avoid Soccer Bets
1. If you don't have enough money and you lose, you are unaffected. That is one of the reasons you need to stop taking sport bet.

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2. Another reason to stop taking bets is that is not predictable, big teams lose while smaller teams win. For instance, Swansea beat Man United which I know many people will.have lost money 

3. Since soccer predictions is a game of try your luck, then its bad. You lose money which is suppose to be invested in other things

4. You can also avoid betting because most betting sites also deceived people with fake odds. So that when people see some odds, you play and lose money but instead they gain.

5. One of the main reason why I had to stop betting is that it's Gambling. I quickly realize that am losing much than I gain which I believe happens to so many people also.

6. It's can make you wreck especially when you invest more cash and your team or predictions failed.    See Also - How to Make Money as a Youth

7. The more money you earn on a particular match or game played, the more the zeal to play the other which may lead to loss

8. If you need money desperately then this is not for you because you might lose your money and the hope of getting more money is gone.

All these are things you need to know about soccer predictions and why you need to stop it. Instead, invest your money in other profitable business that works. Thanks


  1. I don't bet and I won't do it in my life time...I have other things to do with my hard earned money than to bet......nice one Admin

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