How to Secure and Protect Your Password

Your Password is the key and login information to various online practices such as internet banking, mail, website, social networks etc. Especially if you are in Business and your are making some profit which may be online business or offline even your bank details, passwords are required and must be protected.

Protecting and securing your password prevents scams, fraud or unauthorized access into your account online and i felt i should post few ways you can protect your password from hack, fraud and scams. A Russian hacker recently posted on how he was able to hack over a Billion usernames and password worldwide which means you need to protect yours too.
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Ways to Protect your Password
  • Use longer words not less than 8 - 12 for password i.e make your password long.
  • Use combination of numbers, symbols,Letter, Upper case, Cap locks for password
  •  Avoid common letter or word like 12345, 1234,00000, 00000, 11111,abced, abc etc
  • Use special characters like currency sign or punctuations
  • Never use your name,age or year of birth as password
  • Never reveal your online information or password to anybody.
  • Avoid using the same password on different sites or as login to all the site you join.
  • Register with site that use alternative email or number as a recovery when your forgot
  • Avoid easy to guess words or numbers
  • Disregard any phishing mail asking you to provide your password, its a scam e.g Paypal
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The highlighted points above are simple ways to protect and make your password secure from hackers or fraud. There are many other ways but if you've got some please share to us through the comment box below. Protect your password and and save yourself from internet loss due t fraud, scams or hacks.Thanks


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